Abyssinian cat

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Abyssinian cat

In the 80s of the last century on the first cat shows in the UK there were cats, called “Abyssinian”. They are not impressed by large size, long silky hair or blue of the eye – and, nevertheless, could not go unnoticed. Was unusual color, without the usual bands or streaks, similar to the coloring of the wild rabbit (incidentally, the Abyssinian breed in those years, sometimes so called – “rabbit”). But, let the color of Abyssinian and resembles a rabbit or a hare, the overall appearance of the new breed encompasses all that puts people in the concept of “cat”, the cat is wild, in their natural grace. With a surprisingly harmonious appearance, Abyssinian embody the “golden section” in the guise of a live cat.

The history of the breed Abyssinian

abyssinian There was this breed of African cats living on the territory of Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). The first copy of this breed called Abyssinian, called Zula. It brought a member of the British military expedition Captain Barrett-Lennard in 1868. In 1889, Harrison Weir published the first breed standard and that standard is partially preserved until the present time. Nevertheless, while the Abyssinians were very different colors and shapes of the body, the final standard was defined later. Ivory Sedgemere Bottle, born in 1892, and the cat Sedgemere Peaty (1894) were the first animals “wild” color. In 1907, the first two Abyssinians silver color were shipped to America. During the war in Europe, the breed almost disappeared. After the war, American breeders have helped to recreate the breed in Europe. For the first time this breed was registered in 1904.

The physical indicators breed Abyssinian

abyssinian cat Abyssinian – medium-sized animal of medium size, perfectly balanced, with a well-developed, but not rough musculature. A distinctive feature is that every hair dyed wool Abyssinian two or three stripes of different colors, such a division is called ticking. Triple, a pronounced ticking preferred. Ticking gives wool Iridescence without forming a pattern on the body. Cat-back is painted in a darker shade, and the abdomen, chest and inner surface of the paw – light. There are four coat color: wild (ruddy), red (sorrel or cinnamon), blue and fawn; other colors are recognized only by some organizations. The coat is short, thin, tight to the skin. Sophistication and grace Abyssinian cat leaves a lasting impression on every person who gets acquainted with her.

Feature breed Abyssinian

abyssinian cat Abyssinian cats are extremely attached to the owner and can not be alone for long. Activity and mobility. In need of affection and attention, at the same time do not require special care. Quiet enough, preferring verbal tactile communication.

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Often estrus in females is transparent to the owner. The average litter Abyssinian is from 1 to 3 kittens, but there are cases when the Abyssinian and brings up to 6 kittens. The gestation of 60-65 days. Abyssinian – a good, caring mother, she usually without help cope with the birth and feeding kittens. abyssinian

Abyssinian prefer to sit on a high place to monitor the surroundings from the top. But if the owner somewhere nearby, it will be always with him.
Cats Abyssinian – a cat with an active lifestyle, they have a keen interest in everything around him. Their temperament is perfectly balanced, and, admittedly, Abyssinian cats are remarkably harmonious in every way.