American Bobtail cat

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American Bobtail cat

American Bobtail cat species, which many know how taillessness. This is a very interesting and unusual cat. These cats and cats – Best psychotherapists, they easily fit into any of the family and become full and have always loved their members, bringing together all the others around him, spreading good and childlike. Incomprehensible way they combine the traits of dogs and cats.

General Characteristics of American Bobtail

american bobtail If you are attracted to sports cat with a small nimble tail and strong good myshtsami – then your choice should fall on the American Bobtail. This cat is large and has an excellent “shape.” Fur in this species is either a short or medium size. If the hair is short, it is elastic with soft undercoat. In individuals with fluffy fur podlinnee – it with the same soft undercoat. On the neck, breast, lapkah – beautiful elements in the form of slightly longer hair. Wool itself requires some care. Coloring American Bobtail pleased with the variety. Appearance of this cat is quite commensurate with her harakterom – sports enthusiasm, playful disposition. Small tail in this breed was the result of a dominant gene mutation, in consequence of which, sometimes maybe some anomalies and in the internal organs, which can lead to disease cats.

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History of the American Bobtail

american bobtail In the 1960s in the Indian Reservation (State of South Carolina, USA) Sanders family found a kitten. Wild striped and distinguish it from other cats surprisingly short and protruding to the top of the tail. He then became the official ancestor of all American Bobtail. In 1989 the breed was recognized by TICA, and later, and FCFA.

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Description American Bobtail breed

If we consider the short-haired American Bobtail is possible to note the large size and sturdy design. Small short tail and excellent muscles are the hallmark of the breed. Torso of medium length, strong and osnovatelnoe – with volume of the thorax. Protrude slightly on the flat back of the blade.
The muzzle of a cat is wide, like a square, with a protruding forehead. Bulge and medium nose. american bobtail Rounded and developed chin. Wide-set medium ears. Almond-shaped eyes are slightly diagonally. Neck muscular, of medium length. Paws “inflated” big. Forelegs slightly shorter rear.
The tail of the cat small and very lively. Looks like a brush – with vsklochennymi shaggy hairs.
fur is dense, not long double coat. When feeling a little gruff. Slightly longer than the rest shersti – hair on her breasts, legs and rump. Any coloring.

Care and Maintenance for American Bobtail

American Bobtail should be brushed often and be sure to bathe. This breed is bred through the mutation process, resulting in health and cats are more fragile.

american bobtail American Bobtail Behavior

Considered cat by nature balanced, funny and moving. With it you can play in the yard and in the garden. You can train a cat. American Bobtail not tolerate enforced solitude. Therefore, if you will often leave the cat odnu – better get another breed. Cats are very tied to the owner wants his constant attention. As well, this breed is very sociable with other pets. Can contain, together with dogs. American Bobtail everything is very good hunting.

American Bobtail Breed Standard

american bobtail American Bobtail breed standards were adopted in 1970. World recognition was received in 1989. There are suggestions that the progenitors of the breed on genetic lines were bobcats, semolina or Japanese Bobtail. At birth, one can see two kittens living species entirely without tails and with small curved tail. At a certain stage of the breed was made offshoot when crossed with Persian Colorpoint – bringing the cats fur is longer than the original form. Finally got two different versions of the American bobteyla – with short hair and long. And at that and the other main feature is a short ponytail. More features include a developed muscles of the torso and the thoroughness of the cat. Ears are set high and wide. Eyes are almond-shaped with wide eyebrows. Snout of cat with bulging forehead square. Paws are massive, heavy with rounded ends. The neck is strong, not long. Shaggy fur with podsherskom. The tail is small with a curved tip. The complete absence of the tail is a marriage and to participate in the exhibitions is not permitted.

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