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American Curl cat

The cat of medium size, proportional, has a beautiful silky coat of medium length with tight to the body hairs. The eyes may be different colors, but must comply with coat color, which may also have a different color. A characteristic feature – wrapped ears ago.


american curl Origin Curls associated with domestication of homeless cats. of 1981 from the home of Joe and Grace Ruga from Lakeland (CA) arrived homeless kitty. Grace, leaving the door of a house near the food for her cat accustomed to the new home. Cat has black silky hair and unusual form of ears, she was named Shulamith, contrary to the name of the shepherdess “Song of Songs”. After a certain time, Shulamith had four kittens, two of whom have had the same twisted ears. from 1983, this breed was exhibited in California and has been recognized by the United States. these cats from Europe first came out in 1995 and only after still not recognized by FIFe and British Coordinating Board against rare breeds of cats.
His name was despite with inside-inside of the ears, which give the cat expression of genuine surprise. This feature is transferred ears against at least 50% of the rare breed of cats. Others, with straight ears, used for developing new breeds.
As a result of crossbreeding intrabreed appeared Shorthair Curl, indicating ample opportunities inbreeding among Curls. Spontaneous mutation is not yet threatened breed, but can cause problems of its future preservation. american curl
Grace Ruga continued breeding progeny Shulamith. She gave her sister Ester Brimlow cat named Mercedes. At that kittens were born, two of which took Mrs. Nancy Kiester, which is now a fanatic of this breed. She now read popular science article about scottish-fold, decided to create a new breed of more. Calling Grace Ruga, she agreed to put Shulamith and her two grandchildren with a show of Palm Springs, CA.
These cats were colossal failure with the exhibition. With the help of a professional breeder, Jean Grimm, was created a new breed standard. TICA recognized the American Curl for registration from 1985, and from the following year gave Longhair representatives of this breed lawlessness participation of the championship. Then American Curl was voted out of the CFA and is currently two divisions: – long-haired and short-haired.

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The ears should be moderately large, wide at the base and rounded at the end. Should be obvious curl (Hall) ear, towards the end of the middle and back of the skull. tail has a slightly tapered shape, rather longer than wide. Eyes large, with a calm, friendly look. The body is of medium size, strong. Typically, these cats have a weight of 5 pounds after 10 (American pound – 425 grams).
Requirements from show animal ears should be erect and open, bent crooked ago regarding a person. Cats are penalized against far planted incorrectly folded or “donkey” ears with vertical or horizontal crease or bend having a “corrugation” inner surface. feed should not be pronounced stop. Encouraging cats waiting unnecessarily developed undercoat, with a fluffy or rough textured wool or with a slight defect in the tail of a thickening. Disqualifying animals with extremely curved ears, the ends of which relate to the head or back of the ear. Cats with enough strong cartilage at the base, having a room less than 1/3 of the distance from the base of the ear, also disqualified. defeated breed, among other things, should not have any defect of the tail.

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The content and costs of the American cat with curled ears very unpretentious and does not require special highlighting. Their coat requires minimal care of, because never falls. This is a very energetic cats, they are mobile and playful need of sufficient space and gym for their exercise. american curl
The behavior of this breed cats is infinitely intelligent and cultured. Although with his hatred for games, chatting with fellow prefer to contact the owner. They lend themselves very hard upbringing, love long walks with the owner, humbly pacing near the harness or leash. As an exception, are true friends and companions of the games with the kids.
Possible medical problems of the present time any genetic defects or disease-specific characteristic of this breed is unknown. of whole amerkan Curl differ excellent health

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