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American Shorthair cat

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Breed American Shorthair bred since 1965 in the United States. Externally, it is very similar to the European Shorthair. The basic color of American Shorthair are white, blue, black, black smoky, smoky blue and cream tones. The nature of this breed good natured, flexible, they are pretty smart and playful, in addition they have a very well developed hunting instincts.

The history of the breed American Shorthair

american shorthair Breed American Shorthair in the first official exhibition in the United States, which was held in 1895, was presented in the following quantities: forty-six adults and twenty-five kittens. Then it was called simply shorthair and was already very popular. In 1900, CFA Association was officially registered magnificent breed American Shorthair. Represented breed during registration ginger cat Ch. Belle of Bradford..
american shorthair Over time, the popularity of the breed grew steadily. At exhibitions began to appear a large number of other short-haired breeds. Because breeders have decided to make a new name for the breed, sounded like a domestic short. However, this is not too good concelebrated the service of development of the breed. They had to compete with other domestic cats and, in addition, quite impressively knocked the price and popularity of the breed.
Watching these very significant changes for the worse, American breeders have decided to rename the newly short-haired breeds, and in 1961 was given its present name – American Shorthair. Thus, it was stressed that this breed is much different from other domestic shorthair cats, which can be found in virtually any lane of North America.
After the breed name was changed back to a bygone popular American Shorthair, they again began to demand and interest in them has been increased several times. Representatives of the American Shorthair received prestigious awards at various exhibitions, including in 1965 they won the title Cat of the Year, and in 1984 and 1996 received awards Best Cat.
Breed American Shorthair firmly entrenched in the top ten best breeds, account representatives This breed is very active, exhibitions, they attract the attention of a lot more than other short-haired breeds.

Description American Shorthair breed

american shorthair Build dense, strong. Muscles are well developed. Size: medium to large, males are larger than females.
The head is slightly elongated, proportional body, with a slightly sloping forehead. The muzzle is square in shape. Eyes large, placed obliquely, color depends on the color of the coat. The very hair is short, dense, very thick.
Legs of medium length, well developed muscles.
Colors inherent breed and approved in CFA: black, cream, white, blue, smoke, tabby and bicolor.
American Shorthair Care
Special care breed requires. Wool combing is not required.
And as the representatives of the breed are very lazy, they are not bad from time to time to push for action, such as playing with them.

Character Shorthair

american shorthair By and large, the character from the American Shorthair calm. They are balanced, love peace, do not miss an opportunity to once again lie. But against the game they have nothing. Cats of this breed is very sociable, able to get along with people as well as with other animals.
Game at them quite active. That is, if in most cases they appear very lazy animals, the games they indulge fully. Play can be as with a favorite toy, chasing them around the house, and without them, running as though whether from either of the imaginary second player. And looking at such an interesting balance in the nature of a cat, you can easily understand why they are so successful in the hunt – first to play them complete peace of mind while waiting for prey, and after the quick response.
It is very interesting, they express their wishes to the owner, not Only ordinary feline “myavom”, basically they do not emit sounds and simple approach to a host and as if with the intention “to speak” open mouth. All the more for them, says the expressive little face. Not so often seen in cats as mature partying. Just looking at your pet, you will surely understand what he asked for.
Another plus American Shorthair – they are pretty easy and even gladly tolerate crossings. Their very attracted to new places and experiences, and how could it be otherwise, because above all, it’s a new site for games!
To them it was quite easy to carry a change of scene, it would be better to teach them to travel with the child and would be nice in a good of other kittens and adult cats. But it is not necessary to overload the kids, for a start should be fine short but entertaining trip.
american shorthair Be that as it may, with the breed American Shorthair, you never get bored, most importantly take care of your pet truly love him and he will delight you day by day.

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