American Wirehair cat

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American Wirehair cat

The breed is bred in the 60s of last century. Ancestors haired cats considered American Shorthair breed. Type of wool produced in the course of natural mutation. This is due to a change in its structure in the genes. After receiving the breed breeders in North America and Europe intently studying their charges.


american haired cat However, today, no matter where lived the best American Wirehaired, owes its appearance to breed a couple of ordinary domestic cats. Before 1966, their ancestors lived quietly in the American town of Verona (New York) and for procreation “met” on the farm, Council Rock, which was owned by Nathan Mosher. Bootsy and Flafi – as called tetrapods famous parents – and could not assume that their offspring will cause huge interest among the local population. How wrong they were! Several emerging from March 5, 1966 born kittens soon got twisted and at the same time a very dense coat and in the spotlight of the farmer’s neighbors. But the joy was short-lived Nathan: five unusual baby died from the clutches of ermine, and managed to survive only one – the kitten red-white color. Nathan Mosher, as the reflection, decided to leave the strange animal itself and categorically rejected the proposal to give it to other people. He understood that the popularity of his farm can provide not only sturdy bulls, ranks high on livestock look, but with the original kitten fur. And he was not mistaken: the rumor soon spread about the unusual baleen and reached the ears of Joan OShia who breed cats Siamese and oriental breeds. In feline she was not a novice and barely saw a kitten with unusual wool felt that from this mutation may get a completely new breed. Joan was able to explain the inexorable Mosher that the life of a kitten under appropriate supervision is as important for the country, as well as his oxen, which, in alliance with South American cows involved in the breeding program. After several weeks of cajoling, paying the farmer $ 50 in cash, Joan finally managed to pick up a 10-week kitten, whom she named Council Rock Farm Adam of Hi-Fi, or just Adam.
american wirehair cat Further events unfolded as a real detective. Joan proznala that her neighbors lives another survivor offspring of Mosher’s farm, but with a completely normal hair. Waylaid unsuspecting kisulya garden, Joan “borrow” it for a while and let the cat loving surrender merrymaking with Adam. All the litter from this union Joan retaken. Being familiar with genetics and watching kittens growing up, she realized that the gene responsible for a rigid wavy coat is dominant, transmits its main attribute is inherited. Soon Adam died before he could realize conceived Joan breeding program. True, she could give him a few curly offspring in the family to conscientious breeders from different states. So, one of them, Bill Beck of Mary-Land, in 1967, appealed to the CFA with a request to take such animals as purebred American wirehaired to register, and that was done. Later Judge Bob Brad show contributed to the fact that the American wirehaired in this organization and exhibited in championship status.

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american haired cat What immediately catches the eye at the sight of the American haired cat, it is certainly unusual wiry her springy wool. According to experts, the quality is quite different from all other wool breeds of cats, because each of her hair – twisted, strong and rigid. But hair does not lie in waves, and due to its structure almost worth it. The photographs observe this main feature is not easy, but once you run hand in wool breed, hardly confuse it with the other animals. It is worth noting that according to the configuration of the wool of these cats can be very different – with a strong, moderate or no crimp. Hair itself can be both long and short, twisted shape to take immediately, but after a few years. But all experts agree that the fur of these cats should be very tightly “packed”. Thus, in the standard CFA for its compliance give 45 points out of 100, and there agreed that the overall impression “wire” (stiffness) is more important than the state of the twist of individual hairs. Welcome and twisted vibrisy. Allowed any color except those which are indicative of hybridization with animals chocolate, lilac, color-poyntnogo colors. Outcrossing is possible only with the American Shorthair. Incidentally, it was from these cats, this breed has inherited constitution of the body. American Wirehaired – owners muscular body, strong, medium length legs and tail of the same. They are not skinny or, on the contrary, the fat. Perhaps the word “average” – perhaps the most important component in the description of their appearance.
We should say about grooming these cats. It is a mistake to believe that the support of her hairs in presentable condition – a very laborious task. On the contrary, the hairs do not lose their shape, as some people after bathing cats and blow-drying. This is similar to the state of women’s hair permed, which are not affected by washing. Breeders recommend weekly bathing animals and regularly comb wool. To facilitate grooming useful to rub it in a special oil. This will help in caring for very sensitive skin, since, according to the owners, the American Wirehair often suffer from allergies. With a harsh hair, does not require careful maintenance. Only occasionally have to comb the hair and bathe a cat. To prevent hairs straightened hair dryer comes without a hair dryer.

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american haired cat On the nature of American wirehaired all owners unanimously say that these animals – good companions. Among them there is notorious fussy, obstinate creatures or overly intrusive. They say that the American Wirehaired get along perfectly with home willingly adapt to the nature and habits of the person, his routine life and show themselves only with the best hand. They love to be in nature and generally famous for the love of mobile games.”American’s” very sociable, happy to play with your guests and will not turn up his nose from strangers. They have no aggression or sheer flattery, they are incredibly open to communication, and easily find a common language as an adult host, and with his children.
In short, no matter what the fans sverhkachestva American wirehaired nor attributed their pets, can be uniquely assert that they have something that no one has a different breed – wire fur, and it, is much more important than muscular physique.

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