Anatolian Shepherd Dog

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Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Externally, something similar to the Turkish Van cats, cats Anatolinskie still considered a separate breed. Cats are not very large. Most of the surface is white. For all his wild habits have wonderful character.


anatolian shepherd dog As Angora and Van cats, Anatolian Shepherd Dog is considered native, natural rocks formed under conditions of Lake Van, Turkey. Whereas recent studies carried out in groups of geneticists from the United States, second feral cats from a population living in Eastern Anatolia of modern Turkey, are descendants of the oldest domesticated cat that is the domestication of the cat occurred in this region, not in Egypt, as previously thought [2 ].
anatolian shepherd dog Voluntarily living populations of these cats are also common, and in the lowland, warmer areas of the region, in the territory of Iran and Iraq to the Caucasus, including Armenia and southern Russia. Even being brutalized and having undergone a second dedomestikatsii, cats in these populations represent a valuable precisely because of its proximity to the genotype of the so-called “wild type” domestic cat. The more cultural and domesticated species is, the greater the likelihood of genetic disorders and inherited diseases. Not accidentally Anatolian cats differ vivacity of temperament, high enough for the animal intelligence and good health.

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Anatolian Shepherd are distinguished by their temperament, fairly high intelligence and good health. This breed of cats is much muscled. Its size varies cats medium to large. Neck and chest anatolinskaya-koshka Quite massive. anatolian shepherd dog Average limb length with round paws. The tail is short, bushy, with the tip of the tail – muscular. The head is of medium length in the shape of a truncated triangle. The ears have a large size at the base – wide, with slightly rounded tips; delivered directly, rather high and upright. The coat is short, with no noticeable undercoat. The eyes are large, oval, slightly oblique. Eye color harmony with coat color. Coat color variety.

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Anatolian Shepherd are distinguished by their extraordinary vocal abilities. Their gentle and melodious voice, reminiscent of a tweet. A meow they are very rare. Can reproduce the intonation phrases owner. Love to listen to melodious music, while the tail beat the rhythm tunes. Love to play with streams of running water. Favorite pastime – playing with rustling paper “balls».

anatolian shepherd dog

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