Are cat fleas transferable to humans?

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Cat fleas are looking specifically preferably a house cat as a host, but generally they are not very picky. Therefore, the parasites are also transferable to humans.

Are cat fleas transferable to humans?
Caution: Cat fleas are also transferable to humans.

You are a plague that not only infest your cat but also for you pesky matter may be: cat fleas. Make the little blighters before pet owners not stop – they are transferable to humans. The result is unpleasant itching and allergies.

cat fleas: Transferable to the people

Unfortunately, fleas are very adaptable little beasts. If you is not a cat as a host enough, she likes to jump on a man. As with the four-legged friends, they also call us strong skin inflammation and itching standing out.

Some people are even allergic to bites from cat fleas – clearly seen in skin lesions. Significant symptoms that you really have fleas, several red stitches are next to each other.

Cats Fleas also transmit bacteria such as streptococci and staphylococci in humans. This in turn can lead to inflammation. In tropical areas, the little buggers can even transmit bacteria that cause typhus.

Flea control for cats: What is it? Are cat fleas transferable to humans?


Parasites are not a serious danger

Above all, children are sensitive to flea bites. The problem is that you are infected with a flea infestation rather than adults, because they play more on the ground. But even if fleas are transferable to the person who put them in Central Europe no serious threat to health.

Of course, you should make sure that the little parasites disappear as quickly as possible and fight the cat fleas in the apartment anyway. This flea control products help in the cat.