Arthritis in cats. How to recognize symptoms

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Arthritis in cats: How to recognize symptoms – Allcatsnames

Arthritis in cats is a disease that mostly affects older animals. The concomitant painful inflammation in the joints ensure that the dogs are losing elegance and agility -. No wonder, for movements that were previously easy, you fall hard now

Arthritis in cats: How to recognize symptoms

Cats with arthritis are much more reluctant and jump.

If your cat suffers from arthritis, she manages most successfully, the hide for a while. Therefore, be sensitive to the following symptoms, where you can discover the joint disease early.

Arthritis in cats: If movement causes pain

Sleek, elegant, clever and beautiful to behold: cats are moving artist. Most quadrupeds move you and show their acrobatic talent at every opportunity. Cats with arthritis falls exactly difficult.

The owner then noticed that his pet is much more than usual. The cat as many ways as possible and saves chasing her favorite toy suddenly no longer behind. Jump you can see them only rarely and when she acts awkward and stiff. Some cats also lame.

Warm cat sleeps on the heating Arthritis in cats: How to recognize symptoms

If you suspect arthritis in your cat

Even with low suspicion you should visit with your furry friend to the vet. Most cats can be pain or See note late, but are now on a pain and inflammation-treatment as instructed, as a special supplement food and a little extra care from their owners.

Until the vet you can give your kitten – even more than usual – with a warm, soft sleeper give pleasure. This they should be able to reach easily and without jumping. Pay attention to the cats diet: Obesity aggravates the symptoms of arthritis. Regular exercise does the cat well, but on cold, rainy days, they should go out only when they really want. Also ask your vet how you can ease your cat with arthritis everyday.