As cats can be infected with fungal skin

Feline. symptoms and course of the disease

As cats can be infected with fungal skin – Allcatsnames

The congregation of skin fungus is: You see cats not necessarily whether they carry the pathogen in this or not. Not every quadruped in fact shows symptoms.

As cats can be infected with fungal skin

The transfer of pathogens from skin fungus can be made from animal to animal, animal to person and also the other way around. In addition, cats can the infection but also to objects and places that are populated with the pathogen, get – thus in principle everywhere, but not under any condition.

Healthy, adult cats rarely suffer from skin fungus

The mere contact with the skin fungal pathogens can cats with a strong immune system fortunately usually do not touch, because the disease does not break out with them. But as a carrier of the disease, they can unfortunately still serve and can very young or very old cats, and which infected with a weakened immune system. Therefore, a healthy prevention and sensitivity to disease symptoms the best protection against skin fungus in your cat.

fungal disease in cats: How to prevent as much as possible before

With a good immune system your cat is better protected not only from skin fungus, but also from other cat diseases. Feed them healthy and regularly, make sure that your cat feels comfortable and has enough space and employment with you.

How to get your cat used to the combs and brushes As cats can be infected with fungal skin

Regular vaccinations, precautions against parasites and regular grooming are just as important. Brush loose, dead skin and make sure that your cat’s coat has no tangles, because that would encourage a fungal infection. If your favorite has become wet outside,

helps him a spot on the heater to let the coat dry thoroughly again, because constantly damp fur could favor fungal skin infection.