As it comes to the formation of hairballs in cats?

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As it comes to the formation of hairballs in cats? – Allcatsnames

hairballs in cats arise as a result of cleanliness need our Stubentiger: Every day they take plenty of time for grooming and remove not only dirt and unwanted fur residents but also swallow a lot of loose hair.

As it comes to the formation of hairballs in cats?
hairball formation in cats is quite normal.

This cleaning behavior is normal and not at all no need to worry. Nevertheless, the formation of hairballs can have unpleasant side effects in cats.

Why did actually form hairballs in cats?

First of all, cats groom themselves more easily than most animals. Three to four hours grooming may be the rule in the cozy parlor tigers before. Especially indoor cats lose at any time of the year a lot of fur that needs to be removed and to use them mostly her rough tongue. Thanks to their anatomy get her coat so although very clean, but also swallow a lot of it.

When the cats fur recorded over a longer period in the stomach of the cat forms for hairballs, it separates them with a bit of luck simply through the digestive tract again. Who has an outdoor cat at home, usually with little gets from the small “problem skin” of the cat. But in most cases they choke it out and looking for like Herrchens beautiful carpet as underlay from.

hairball formation and possible complications

Some cats are prone to hairball formation stronger than others. This can be for a long-haired cats, older or ill cats and what with parasites, as they brush their fur frequently and extensively.

Proper grooming for long-haired cats As it comes to the formation of hairballs in cats?

If there is excessive fur loss in moulting or because of a disease that hairballs can unfortunately also be used for health risk for cats and cause digestive problems or even sequelae. How you can help your cat during natural disposal of hairballs, so please read the second part.