Bach Flower Remedies for Cats. Important essences

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Bach Flower Remedies for Cats can be useful in behavioral problems such as anxiety and aggression. Even with larger life changes such as moving house or the arrival of a new pet they can be supportive. Some important essences we want to introduce to you.

Bach Flower Remedies for Cats: Important essences
Bach Flower Remedies for Cats: These essences there.

A total of 38 different Bach flower essences are currently available in the pharmacy, in stores and online shipping. Up to five thereof may be combined with each other at a plurality of problems or obscure causes. In addition to the emergency drop (more information on this, see here) also find these resources at a Bach Flower Remedies for Cats often use:


This Bach flowers are used in different fears. Itself hides your Stubentiger only in the corner, is jumpy, or is afraid to be alone? Then Aspen can hopefully help him.


Beech is used, for example, if a cat is aggressive towards a human or an animal when she scratches, bites, or suddenly is unclean and the vet can rule out that there is a physical cause for it.

Crap Apple

This essence can afford at a Bach Flower Remedies for Cats support when a feline friend is suffering from severe itching or eczema.


A new animal moves in with you? This is an exciting day for your house cat. If he hides, is very shy and afraid to be touched, Gentian can facilitate him the first few days hopefully.

Bach Flower Remedies for Cats: Tips for beginners Bach Flower Remedies for Cats: Important essences


A kitten, in which treatment with Heather’s worth a try, must always be the focus, needs exaggerated much attention and do not like to be alone. Heather can also be mixed with the similarly acting Chicory.


jealousy, aggression and anger to appoint for a member of the household can be treated with Holly. Often these behaviors occur when a new animal feeding and will not be accepted.


In a Bach flower remedies for cats to help grieving this means animals that have been thrown by a change of residence, a new owner or a deceased conspecifics from the web.


Larch is used in cats that are extremely submissive. They can steal food from conspecifics, are cautious and not let anything like it.


This Bach flowers can contribute to treatment for exhaustion after an illness, given the age or great physical effort.

Star of Bethlehem

is an agent that can help your animal for a big shock. Accidents or grief is a fellow fall under the treatment area.

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