Bald patches in the fur in cats. Causes

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A certain amount of hair loss is normal in cats – excessive hair loss, which provides for bald spots in the skin, but not. The causes can be physical or psychological in nature and should be urgently clarified.

Bald patches in the fur in cats: Causes
Excessive grooming in cats leads to bald patches.

Bald patches in the skin arise when cats become overly much grooming and licking the fur. Often they do this secretly and pet owners get nothing with nothing, so that only the discovery of the first bald spots, the question arises, what is wrong with the cat.

Possible causes: parasites, allergies, diseases

A flea infestation that leads to itching is quickly diagnosed and can be treated. However, there are also a lot of other parasites that are not so easy to find and care for tingling in cat fur. Since parasites are among the most common causes for the emergence of bald spots, the cat should first be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian on it

Almost as often allergies are the cause of itching in cats. Dust, mites, pollen, cleaning products in the house or a food allergy can cause itching and should be excluded by allergy tests as causes. Especially if the cat is old, the permanent teeth may also indicate hormonal disorders such as hyperthyroidism. If other symptoms of illness in cats occur, they should also be examined to organic causes.

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Psychological Causes of bald spots in fur?

Whether permanent teeth of psychological factors can be due, is not yet clearly established. If you and your veterinarian suggest that stress, a move, a new family member or a loss could be the cause for the behavior of your pet, you should still try to find a solution for the problem, and try whether the symptoms characterized improve. It can be supportive in consultation with the veterinarian Bach Flowers, homeopathic remedies and fragrances such as Feliway.