Balinese (Balinese) cat

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Balinese (Balinese) cat

Balinese breed taking its roots in Siamese cats, but it has its own peculiar charm, due to the beautiful long hair. The high mobility of these animals always attracts the attention of everyone around.


balinese (balinese) Comes from shorthaired Siamese cats, purebred litters in which at the beginning of the 30s began to appear kittens with long hair.

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The first recorded longhaired Siamese kitten the couple was born in 1928 in the US. Such “incidents” occurred regularly, but breeders try not to advertise, and long-haired kids Shorthair parents spent their lives “on the pillow».
The natural mutation attracted breeders and they began to breed these animals previously brakuemyh together. This work began Helen Smith of New York, and Marion Dorsey of California, developed the technique of selection criteria. In a relatively short time, scientists succeeded in obtaining pure lines long-haired Siamese.
The first recognition of the breed was in 1963, under the name “long-haired Siamese.” After 5 years, it received its present name. In 1965, the breed was registered, and in 1970 recognized as “Bali” in Cat Fansiers Association and TICA, and in 1972 the breed FIFe recognized and in 1984 made it into their catalogs. The first standard was refined Balinese in 1967 and revised in 1970. This latest standard in 1970 and was adopted by Cat Fansiers Association. In 1988, the USSR imported first blue-tabby-point Balinese from Czechoslovakia.
Cat Balinese (Balinese) – islands of Indonesia are not her home to literally. But one of the “miracles” of Bali – the famous temple dancers in exotic tunics with remarkable plasticity of movements inspired by American breeders call b balinese (balinese) Alineziyskoy bred in the USA kind of Siamese cats.
This beauty can be rightfully called the Siamese in “dress medium length”: the emergence of semi-longhair Balinese breed based on short-haired Siamese is very similar to the origin of the Abyssinian Somali cats.
The fact is that any Shorthair (Siamese, Abyssinian, EKSH) may be a carrier of the gene longhair. This gene can get to one of the parents of feline ancestors and then in one of the litters family shorthair kittens may occur with long or medium length hair.
Breeders short-haired breeds such progeny to not allow breeding and cull. And so long as the gaze of a connoisseur cat not make out the beauty in these outcasts future “stars” and the new breed.
Dental. American fashion and breeders have made efforts in the face of change, “adding,” Balinese long snout, elongated ears and a thin tail. Cultivating this line, American breeders crossed them with Siamese “new look”. According to them the type of Balinese was thus improved, but the fur… soft and feathery fringe tail became the price paid for the “polished” grace. Today Balinese with beautiful hair and tail again become almost a rarity, and in order not to lose “silky fringe” interbreeding with Siamese try not to practice, preferring purely “Balinese” marriages. How can a real Balinese looks today?

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Balinese cat – or even less than the average medium sized physique like a Siamese, slim, elegant, with an elongated body with long thin legs with small feet. Hind legs slightly longer than the front, shoulders and hips are narrow, the tail is long. Muscles are well developed – long and strong muscles. Head balineziyki udlinennoklinovidnaya, medium size, elongated straight profile with refined lines. The coat of medium length, delicate, thin, silky, without undercoat. A cat fur may be slightly longer in the collar. Feathery tail like a delicate fringe. Color – the same as that of a Siamese, especially the mask, ears, legs and tail, contrasting with the rest of the body – monotonously cream with a little shading on the back and sides. Kittens are born white, eventually acquiring all these signs. American Association of cats CFA recognizes only balineziykoy IV colors: 1) sealp point, 2) blue point, 3) chocolate point, 4) lilac (oufrost) balinese (balinese) Point. Other US and European Association permit – red and cream, and tortie mackerel shades in total, about 20 different colors.
Character Balineses different sensibility and sociability, one of the main features – a strong, just “dog” attachment to the host. Balinese cat may even, like a dog to walk on a leash with its owner, but you need to make sure that the leash was light and did not spoil the delicate silky hair balineziyki, for which she never tires carefully monitored. This cat is very talkative and loves to “talk in Siamese” with someone in the family, and especially with those whom she identifies, believing his master. Balinese cat is sociable and affectionate, she is usually with all family members a good relationship, with few exceptions, which make up the aggressive and openly unfriendly people. Balinese, because “siamnosti” its nature, requires a soft and gentle upbringing. Many owners, comparing balineziytsev and Siamese characterize temperament first as a moderate, but among fans to play them perhaps no equal: rush, jump, climb – here they are ready to “jump on” all their feline counterparts.
Need to move in Balinese cats are very high, especially in children. Do not forget to take these cats with him to the cottage, hunting for their real passion, balineziytsy – some of the best Mouser and their joy of communion with nature’s ability to turn into a great benefit for their owners.

Breed Standard

According to the standards of feline associations Cat Fansiers Association, FIFe, GCCF, TICA, Balinese Siam must be identical, except for the length of the coat. In all his body gracefully and flexibly, smooth lines combined with muscularity and excellent physical condition. In good Balinese everything should be long and proportional: the body, legs, neck, tail.
Head: Medium size, in the form of an elongated wedge proportional, on a graceful neck, wide supplying balinese (balinese) Nnym ears, tapering to muzzle in perfectly straight lines, with a straight profile, strong chin and correct bite.
Profile: straight from the top to the tip of the nose, without the bumps and dips.
Chin: medium size, development, its bottom point is located on the same vertical line with the tip of the nose.
Ears: surprisingly large, with a broad base, wide-set, continue the line of the wedge. From the chin to the tips of the ears are straight lines, forming a triangle without interruption on the cheeks.
Eyes: Oriental, almond shaped, set obliquely, as if repeating the lines of the wedge. They should be set wide, clear, deep blue, the more vibrant the better. Deep-set, convex, dull, blednookrashennye eyes are considered a fault. Strabismus is not allowed.
Torso: Medium sized, elegant, long on slender legs high with elegant oval paws. The excellent combination of strong bones and muscled. Shoulders and hips continue the line of the tubular body. Hips should not be wider than shoulders. Hind feet slightly higher than the front. Tight stomach. Males may be larger cats.
Tail: long, thin, thin shout, thinning to a sharp tip. No knots or kinks are allowed. Long flowing hair on the tail forms a plume.
Hair: medium length, fine, silky, lying, without undercoat. Gradually lengthened from head to tail. The longest hair – on the tail.
Colour: from Balinese breed of cats – color-point. Point – areas of the body cat with bright, saturated color coat: ears, “mask” on his head, the lower part of the limbs, tail. All other areas of the body, and it is mainly the torso, the maximum light and must clearly contrasted with Point. On the trunk admit light shade matching with the color points.”Mask” on the head covers your entire face including whisker pads and touches the ears, but does not merge with them.”Mask” should not become a “hood” and move to the back of the head. Markings on all parts of the body must be uniformly dyed and the same color. In the Points should not be any white spots or individual white hairs. A Balinese older there is a tendency to a general darkening of the whole body. Experts refer to this indulgently.


Balinese – not fond of solitude, very sociable cat, intelligent and curious. Energetic and affectionate, attached to the owners and love to participate in all of their domestic affairs. They get along well with children and other animals. They have a soft, pleasant voice. Some individuals like to “talk”: publishing a variety of sounds, they communicate with the owner.


balinese (balinese) Wool Balinese requires virtually no maintenance. She is thin, silky, completely devoid of undercoat. Balinese perfectly cope with caring for her. Fully coat of this breed is formed by 12-18 months. Adult individuals sometimes need to comb wool. To wash the Balinese use shampoo and conditioner for long-haired breeds. Drying cats of this breed is recommended to warm towels. Hair dryer can dry up soft fur. The main thing to make sure that the cat was after bathing in the warmth.

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