Beriberi in cats

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Beriberi in cats

Many cat owner did not even think about questions that cats like any living organism needs certain vitamins.

Autumn deficiency disease in cats and ways to deal with it

The mistake many owners of domestic cats is that they consider their pets safe from many hardships, including the fall of beriberi.
It’s pets, as a rule, unlike their cousins ​​the street, spoiled host affection and love, as well as hearty food and constant care.
But it can not replace animals of natural resources, and especially sunlight. Lack of solar heat very negative impact on their health. Moreover, the entire stock of vitamins that the body was full over the summer, spent a few minutes, the cat loses its energy and weakens. In other words, his immune system is lowered by passing into the body of various diseases. And according to this, it should be as good as possible to track the health of your pet. Especially if your pet is young.
So, go through the alphabet.

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Fish oil – one of the best medicines for the body cat

In order to replenish the body with vitamin A, you will help the fish oil. The fact that its lack can start stunting the milk teeth in children (puppies or kittens). In addition, your pet may appear weak and gulf appetite. Outward signs of deficiency of this vitamin are dull eyes and stomach problems.
It will help fortified fish oil, which should be added to feed the cat. And for puppies and kittens dose of this natural medicine is different. When the pups are added from five to twenty milliliters fish fat, the kittens will be sufficient dosage of from 0.5 to 5 milliliters. Dosage is usually metered syringe – is the most convenient way.
Another medication from a lack of vitamin A – trivitamin to be poured into the mouth of your pet for three or even four weeks in an amount once a day. When complications are recommended shots.

What you need to recover the body of vitamins B group cat

Perhaps, Group B – the most diverse. It includes more than twenty substances and elements. Particular importance pets have vitamins B1, B2, B3 (or PP), B5, B6, B12, Sunday.
These vitamins as if deposited in reserve, and therefore they should be systematically added to feed your furry friend. < br /> If your pet or favorite of a shortage of vitamins of this group, he (or she) can greatly suffer. Accompanied by a lack of vitamin B weakness, nausea and vomiting, even resulting in the cat loses weight rapidly, his gait became lethargic and shaky, pursue convulsions and falls wool. Everything else had found a sharp decrease in hemoglobin in the blood affects the nervous system and the metabolism in the body.
In order to maintain your pet in a permanent form, it should be added to the feed raw meat, baker’s yeast, which previously should prokipyacheny with water, livers, and meat and bone meal. Again dogs need five or ten grams of the product, and the cat – two to five grams. However, this is not enough. Essential vitamins and pure.

Ascorbic acid – a thing in the body no small cat

The sharp deficiency in the body cat vitamin C may very unwholesome act on his liver or stomach. As evidenced by the whole mouth redness and swelling in the gums.
Helps from C-beriberi, written in natural food lettuce, carrots and raw meat. Additionally you need give or ascorbic acid in powder form to stick together or with glucose. One should not forget that the mouth should be washed with a special solution.
Remember that all these procedures mainly concern cats because dogs produce in their body vitamin C are able to completely independently, so that they are fully protected against this disease. < br />
And without the sun can be filled with a pet cat vitamin D
Vitamin D is responsible for the fortress of muscle and bone. The fact that in the body of your pet there is a sharp lack of this vitamin may indicate that he begins to eat, instead of the standard, normal food for him, earth, gnaw wall. In this case, you should be alarmed. After all, it means that your younger brother standing dangerously close to rickets, diseases of the joints and dental problems.
In the summer solve this problem is very simple – as often as possible for a walk with your pet. But winter and autumn to maintain the normal amount of vitamin D in the body is much more complicated. This requires ultraviolet irradiation. A food supplement should be done in the form of phosphoric salts, meat and bone meal, calcium gluconate, and eggshells, which had previously been milled and dried as thoroughly as possible.

Healthy offspring of cats and Vitamin E

For cats whose owners plan to reduce them for procreation, need vitamin E without fail. The same applies to already pregnant cats. Of course, those people who breed their cats do not need and can not bother with this problem. However, it should be noted that the lack of vitamin E leads not only to infertility but also entails paralysis of limbs.
For the prevention of vitamin E can be given as an oil.

And another important vitamin for cats

This is another vitamin that plays an important role in the body of a cat – a vitamin K deficiency which entails the risk that a living organism sharply decreases blood clotting. In this case, for the life of a cat, even the small bleeding wounds can become deadly.
Saturate the body with vitamin K helps you fishmeal and greens.