Beware of poisonous plants for cats

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Beware of plants that are toxic to cats. Dangers lurk both in the home and in the garden. Also take a look at our list of toxic plants for cats, which gives you a brief overview of the most common poisonous plants.

Beware of poisonous plants for cats
cats like plants – but be careful with poisonous plants.

Not always when buying a new Pflanzefür garden or flat clear whether there is a non-toxic plant species, the degree of toxicity varies widely in plants. If the cat during digestion of a plant only bad, other toxins or poison a serious threat to life and limb of the feline friend can be in larger quantities – especially if the poisoning is not recognized and treated as such.

Poisoning by plants in cats

Cats are intolerant to some substances, abkönnen people easily. Therefore, you have to be careful just in a household with pets that they have no access to poisonous plants. Decisive for the degree of poisoning is also how the cat has included the substance. Has the plant eaten, licked at her or a substance absorbed through the skin?

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also toxic plant substances which can cause poisoning symptoms in cats, is one of the tea tree oil. Cats also like to drink stagnant water flowers. In the can be found by the decomposition of toxic substances flowers – let your cat so never drink it. When your plants or flowers, you should also do not use leaf shine agents or pest control spray. This can also be toxic if your favorite.

If it is suspected: vet consult

Symptoms of poisoning include vomiting and diarrhea, salivation Increased, tremors, restlessness, staggering, paralysis, particularly narrow or dilated pupils or strong excitement. Go with a suspected poisoning with your favorite immediately to a veterinarian.