British Longhair cat

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British Longhair cat

British longhair cat – a kind of British cats. To date, the British Longhair formed as a full variation of the British and becoming every day more and more popular. She has a type, the backbone, the nature of British shorthair cat, the only difference – it is their semi-long hair. Wool has a similar texture to the hair of the British cats also have an undercoat.


British Shorthair was bred around 1870 in the UK. As a result of interbreeding with Persian cat was obtained powerful bearish type.
Many of the British Shorthair cats have inherited because of these crossings longhair gene, and therefore may cause long-haired kitten in a litter of British Shorthair cats. For many years, people were looking for good homes for these kittens that were actually undesirable for breeding. In the British breed longhaired were not recognized in FIFe and independent Dutch kennel.
In Belgium, England and France, they have been recognized.
In the Netherlands, the kittens do not get the pedigree, but they get the proof of origin or experimental pedigrees. Since they are not officially recognized breed of cats, they can not participate in exhibitions. British Longhair cat, named Lowlander in the Netherlands, have a “II” gene and is therefore ideally suited for the type of longhair. For crossing Lowlander together, you will only get longhair cats. L gene in korotoshёrstnyh dominates the recessive gene for long-haired “I”. Unlike Lowlander from her British Shorthair parents who are carriers of the recessive gene for long hair (genotype L, I) is a single gene.

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british longhair Lowlander have the same breed standard as the British Shorthair, except for coat length, which may be secondary and longer. Cats, residents of the Scottish lowlands, medium size. They should have a broad chest and short, muscular torso. Strong constitution. Short straight legs, dense rounded paws. Thick tail short and medium length. The head of a bull, with full cheeks and a broad forehead on a short, thick and muscular neck. Small ears are short and wide at the base, which are not in close proximity to each other. The eyes are large and round, they may have different colors, depending on the coat. Wide short, straight nose. The chin is strong and well developed.
These cats are powerful, long-haired, friendly and quiet animals.
The variety of colors As most Lowlander cats still appear in litters have shorthair, their colors are almost the same, that of the British Shorthair. When Lowlander receive recognition, there will be more information regarding their colors.

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british longhair Like the British Shorthair Lowlander charming self-contained and can be even more affectionate than the British Shorthair. Most cats are very tolerant and friendly, and easy to adjust. Kittens are playful 1-2 years, but then less active and do not want to be in the spotlight. They will not demand attention in a loud voice.
They are self-sufficient. Sometimes they sleep for a few hours, but they are also not averse to gambol and frolic, and they certainly are grateful for his hzozyainu contact.
Despite the mild nature of cats, we can not approve anything. They have their own character, and if they do not agree with anything they certainly express it.


british longhair As a rule, the daily combing brush (about 5 minutes) is enough to keep the fur in good shape. Sometimes you need to wash. For this is your regular baby shampoo; then blow-dry the cat not to catch cold.

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