Burmese (Burmezskaya) cat – Burma

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Burmese (Burmezskaya) cat – Burma

The ancestors of this cat is undoubtedly of eastern origin, it is not known to this day. According to the extant sources, the ancient cat breeds were similar in Burma, which contained only in the homes of the rich or in monasteries and revered as sacred animals. Each of them had their own servants, who are severely punished if he is not caring for her properly – with skill and love.

The history of the origin of the breed Burmezskoy (Burmanskoy) cat

burmezskaya cat The first references: XV or XVII century.
Homeland: Southeast Asia, Indochina peninsula or Thailand.
The official registration of the breed: 1956.
The history of this breed can be accurately traced only with the 30s of the XIX century, when its first representatives appeared in America.
And that’s where came and lived the ancestors of modern burmantsev can not say with complete confidence. However, there are two areas, claiming to be the homeland of the breed. The first one is in Thailand, where they found dated XV century drawings of cats and dogs that resemble burmantsev. The problem lies in the fact that only one figures impossible to classify with confidence depicted on them to breed Burmese cats (can only assert similarities, but not wholly kinship).
Much more confidence is Burma, where, according to numerous testimonies lived cat brown color and distinctive physique. And they lived in monasteries or in the homes of the rich because animals in the locality deified (it was believed that they are able to communicate directly with God). Each animal stood personal servant, bound with great care to fulfill the desire cat (not able to cope with the work severely punished all because of that deification of the breed).
How Boorman appeared in America? It all started with a cat named Wong Mau, in 1930 brought from Burma ship’s surgeon named Joseph Thompson. In America, it was crossed with Siamese kittens, and bare, some of which were similar to the father, and the other characteristics of the adopted mother. These kittens later became parents for the first purebred representatives burmezskoy (Burmese) rocks with a characteristic dark brown coat color.
burmezskaya cat And in the 50s a few representatives of the breed came to England, where in a short time to fall in love cats and breeders as a consequence of widespread. As a result, first appeared in England burmantsy with uncharacteristic silvery hair (first cat and named Blue Surprise). This fact attracted to the breed of public attention and has led to a series of crosses in order to obtain a wide variety of colors.
So, at the moment there are ten officially registered and recognized standard colors for burmezskoy (Burmese) species: sable (in Britain – brown), champagne (in Britain – chocolate), cream, red, platinum, blue, as well as brown, blue, purple and chocolate tortoiseshell color. Generally in many exhibitions are called burmantsev with no brown color – burmami foreign type or Malay or not recognize at all. The thing breeders who are fighting for the purity of the breed, and therefore do not recognize the other colors (in fact at one time it was a dark brown color was the first honors of the Burmese Siamese cats).
Until 1956 due to inability to complete the transfer of genetic material (ie, due to some physiological inconsistencies), and also because of the different colors of wool, Boorman long time not recognized as a pure breed. But separated from the American Burmese Foreign (European), they still identified as members of the same breed.

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The breed standard Burmezskoy (Burmanskoy) cat

burmezskaya cat With regard to the standard of the representatives of American and European Burmese imposed several different requirements. But certainly there are a number of common the traits of these two subspecies.
Burmezskie (Burmese) cats are no different major, or vice versa, small physique. They – one hundred percent middle peasants. However, this is not a weak, sickly animals. No, on the contrary, burmantsy should be tightly folded, looking fit and strong. Of course, unacceptable excess fat when touched should feel the muscles. Wide chest only emphasizes the presence of well developed muscles. But at the same time the cat should not create a general impression of heaviness. In general, the appearance of rounded, round head, eyes, legs.
The forelimbs are usually shorter than the rear, but in a normal relationship with body size (ie not too short and not too long). At the rear is equal to four the number of fingers, and on the front – five. The tail is not too long, tapering towards the end. His eyes are wide. Most welcome rich dark yellow color of the pupils, but other colors are acceptable. Coat without undercoat, very short and soft, which creates the image of a domestic cat.
A few words about the recognized colors:
Sable – Sable – color dark on the feet and in the nose, but it is to be lighter should not be. Nice color, uniform throughout the body. Especially advantageous to look with a bright yellow color of eyes.
Blue – Blue – As with sable, this color does not allow clarification. The most winning combination with the grayish color of the nose and paws, his eyes are yellow with a slight admixture of blue. Cats of this color look very gently.
Champagne – Champagne – In contrast to the first two colors, this allows (or even implies) modulations in color. Allowed a little more dark areas of hair on the feet and muzzle. Nose and paw pads are pink, bright eyes, all permissible standard shades of yellow.
Platinum – Platinum – Includes silver sheen. Eye color yellow, bright enough. Paw pads and nose kind of purple.

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Character breed Burmezskoy (Burmanskoy) cat

Despite the fact that the breed is relatively young, burmantsy widespread. Their love is not for beautiful eyes, and, of course, for a nice, kind and peaceful nature. Unlike many other breeds Burmese people are very fond of and readily attached to their owners. People love the fact so often stroking their pets, keep them on your lap, even lead many lengthy conversations on the most seemingly “no cat” theme. So representatives of this breed readily will substitute his back under a palm master patiently sit on your lap and never allow a person to lead a monologue, his meow turning it into a pleasant dialogue.
burmezskaya cat Generally love to “talk” in burmantsev blood. Often you can see the following picture: Burmese sitting on the windowsill, looking out into the street and excitedly myauchek, commenting on the actions of passers-by. Thus, it becomes apparent just two things: they love to talk and also nourish the tender feelings not so much to its owner as to the people in general. Especially with some of the combination of “gloomy view” and easy character. Even if burmanets offended, it is easy to forget about it, it is worth to the owner to show tenderness. They are very nice to indulge all sorts of goodies. As cat with a healthy appetite and is not devoid of a sense of gratitude, they will love you even more (and once again allow themselves to stroke than no joy?).
Well trainable. After a few sessions on demand can already bring some object. They are also very well developed maternal instinct. And if you live in the house and the other representatives of the breed, the kittens are raised all at once.
Because of love for the community of people violently Burmese rejoice the arrival of guests. Immediately ready to relax and play with new people (and playfulness does not leave them even more advanced age, so in the house where he lives Burmese have to be at least one large room where the animal could frolic in plenty). And when the time comes to say goodbye, and certainly will carry meow will understand that, they say, “come again, we will be very very glad and know».

Care breed Burmezskoy (Burmanskoy) cat

burmezskaya cat They are quite unpretentious, so supernatural self-care does not require. However, as mentioned above, to maintain muscle tone and maintaining natural playfulness it requires ample space for games. And if the owner is your yard, if not perfect. As with other cats, they should vychёsyvat during molting and timely vaccinate to prevent various diseases.
Separately need to talk about nutrition. Burmantsy big fans of tasty and plenty to eat (the need for a spacious room takes on a new significance in the light of the appetite of the breed). They are happy to regale both raw and boiled meat. Never give up vegetables, fruit and fish. Some Burmese readily eat bread or canned foods. The main thing is that they do not bowl was empty, much of its contents will be eaten, that’s for sure.

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