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Many of the hearing, the name of the breed immediately thought – “What name?”. Perhaps this is some sort of exotic and unusual cat. Yes cat really unusual and very beautiful. And the name is actually Burmese silver. It has a very beautiful kosha shorthair silver fur, which gives the cat its unique look.

The history of the breed Burmilla

burmilla In the early 1981 Englishwoman and avid cat Miranda Bickford-Smith bought a chinchilla cat as a gift for his wife. Do not think that Prezent acted the same valuable fur-rodent native to South America. Chinchilla – is one of the varieties of Persian cat, the distinctive feature of which is a kind of color: a long silver-white hair like a veil thrown over the dark light.
So, it was presented to the cat owner was going to forgive, to castrate. As if sensing such abuse himself, Dzhemari Sunkist (the name of the cat) hastened to “formalize relations” with Bambino Faberge – lilac Burmese cat accidentally uliznuvshey from the hosts. Bind to a windy handsome Persian Bambino decided simple way, and soon the couple were born kittens. There is already Dzhemari was not wriggle, as all four adorable kitties were like a father: silver-black, slightly zatushёvannye.
What was surprising and parents, and the hosts, when, after a couple of weeks, kittens began to show “foreign” traits, and luxurious “daddy” shёrstka became short and thick! Younger kittens were so spectacular and had such a wonderful temperament, that it was decided to urgently establish a new breed.
burmilla So still intact Dzhemari received his “wives” and the mother of his children has several breeds of cats burmez. The first-born male kitten with a four-sestrёnok kitties and gave the “start” of the breed. Now it remains for small: think of a name. It was decided that it would be composed of two breed names – “burmez” and “chinchilla».
Later, the club was formed lovers Burmilla, accepted the breed standard, the cat began to appear different colors.
< br /> The appearance Burmilla can be described as follows: short-haired cat of medium size (4-7 kg) with a muscular body, long legs, slightly pointy ears, short nose and unique characteristic of the breed grin on the face.
The most beautiful eyes of these cats: Oriental slightly almond shaped, large and expressive, thanks to the dark rims they excel at attractive face is painted and give it a childish innocent expression.

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Appearance Burmilla breed

The general view is medium in size and with a surprising for her weight: 4 – 7 kg. Weighted eastern type, elegant. The backbone of tight with well developed muscles.

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Medium size. Round. Muzzle broad, narrowing ends in the form of a small obtuse triangle. Cheeks full and round; males – droopy. Muzzle broad, well developed, short. Nose when viewed from the side, has a slight bump at the base. The chin is well developed. Above the brow hair is sparse.

medium size. Wide at the base, rounded at the end, set wide apart, standing straight and slightly forward direction. Covered with short hair, inside – and more rare.
burmilla Eyes

Large, wide-set, slightly sloping. Have the shape of a crescent, surrounded by a dark rim. Open to all shades of green, but preference is given to bright green. Kittens and young animals up to 2 years of age are allowed presence of yellowish hue. In animals, red, cream and tortoiseshell allowed amber eyes.

A short, well developed.
The body

compact enough. Chest broad, rounded. Shoulders and hips of the same width. Croup is above the shoulders. The backbone is very strong. Powerful musculature.

The back slightly longer than front. Bones strong. Powerful musculature. Paws of medium size, round, oval.

half-length or long, of medium thickness, tapering to a rounded tip.

The coat is short (slightly longer than in Burmese), thin, shiny, silky, with a light undercoat, sufficient to coat looked slightly elevated.
burmilla The undercoat color – silver or gold, and the ends of hair – brown (sobolёk), blue, chocolate, lilac, red, cream. Pronounced tiping.
Back, mask and tail are darker than the belly.
The physical condition of good physical shape, excellent musculature. No trace of obesity, weakness or apathy.
Valid crossing with other breeds: Burmese and Tiffany (Burmese with semi-long hair)
defects. Weak chin, almond-shaped eyes, eye color is invalid. Shorter torso or east, elongated. Too long limbs. Too long or sticking wool. Tabby marks on the legs.

Character Burmilla breed

burmilla Some features This cat combines the energy and wisdom of the Persian Burmese. Gentle, easy to communicate, though a bit chatty. Caring for it is simple.

The unique character of the representatives of this breed of cat is also in the fact that the Burmilla is very friendly and affectionate to their owners. These qualities, combined with a soft, light “talkative”, intelligent, affectionate and intelligent burmilla make ideal “family” cat and a great companion.

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