California Spangled

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California Spangled

California Spangled – it’s quite rare exotic cat breed. These animals look very similar to the dwarf leopard. Hollywood screenwriter Paul Casey was the first to discover this breed. The idea of ​​creating this breed came from Paul Casey in progress in Tanzania. He learned that due to the amount of illegal hunting leopards declining very rapidly. It is worth noting that to date, this breed is rare, even in California, which accounts for her homeland

The history of the origin of the breed Californian shining

california spangled His appearance this breed owes screenwriter from Los Angeles named Paul Casey, who decided to give people a cat that looks very similar to cheetahs or leopards, to draw public attention to the destruction of large wild cats. Casey was deeply impressed by the fact that in the vast African ruthlessly kill animals. Actually the idea of ​​deriving a special breed of domestic cats came to him after a conversation with anthropologist Louis Leakey.
california spangled As a result, in the early 70-ies of the XIX century, Paul Casey produced a plan that he was going for 11 generations to bring a new breed. Casey first had to get the kittens with soft wool, tight to the body (then future spots and stripes will look particularly striking and clearly), so first he has marginalized Siamese cat with silver Angora cat (who have spots). As a result, the kitten was born with silver color and clearly marked spots and stripes. To create a “foundation” for future breed it in the next generations added shorthair breed, one spotted and to top Abyssinian cats. All stages can clearly be seen, the rocks with certain characteristics were added in strictly certain point. Then, as a final touch, the founders of the breed brought stray cats from Egypt and Malaya. This was done in order to create a common image of savagery, to some extent, even a naive vision of the future shining cats. After pervotselyu was to remind the future owners of the hard life of wild felines.
Thus, by 1986 the breed was finally formed, and Casey presented their pets to the public. This was done through the catalog “Nieman-Marcus,” which were also advertisements fur garments. Because of this, the California cats were subjected to severe criticism of animal rights, and many breeders took the time to recognize a new breed. Casey, however, was sufficiently well known and one of its main achievements is that revealed many poachers specializing in the capture and killing of jaguars in South America. As a consequence, illegal activity has been discontinued, and caught in the act severely punished.
And let the critics had plenty to classified Casey still responded so wishing that their number is more than exceeded the number of available kittens. Therefore, each future owner checked for the presence of suitable conditions for future pet. Because of too much demand further improvement of the breed has become problematic, especially now, when the representatives of the shining cats were spread all over the world for their reproduction owners increasingly have to travel long distances.
More recently, in Asia were bred specimens with light color wool. They appeared as a result of cross-breeding cats and cat which no dominant genes (dark color), so it is a question rather of recessive varieties Californian shining. However, because of the similarity with the dwelling Asian snow leopard, bright cat with blue eyes, began to call as well.
Interesting fact: the representatives of this breed have not won prizes at exhibitions in America, at home, and received first place in the other countries. For example, a California shining on one of the French exhibitions (in 1994) won the title of “Best cat».

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The breed standard Californian shining

california spangled california spangled Cats are very similar to their wild counterparts. Their paws are arranged at right angles to the elbow, allowing the animals to move, creating an impression of stalking predator. In California shining cats should be developed muscles and strong body, a cylindrical shape. This is not a big animals with a straight posture. Jaws strong, not too bulging cheeks, nose line smoothly into the forehead. Ears are not sharp, represent nearly equilateral triangles, positioned high, just above the eyes are almond-shaped, slightly slanted and which are located at a considerable distance from each other. Color pupils varies shades of brown, but in individuals with light color eyes may be blue. The tail is not too long. The coat is short, the minimum length on the sides, neck and face, and the longest on the belly and tail.
The most striking feature of the breed – spots. They should be as clear, distinctly different from the basic color, and also have smooth contours, in any case should not be bright spots or stripes.

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Character Breed Californian shining

california spangled They are developed mind and devotion to his master. Despite many similarities with the wild beasts, Californian sparkling be able appeasable and gentle pets. But please note that due to genes stray cats, cats in California hunting spirit is alive and they are subject to instincts. Therefore, this breed kittens love to run for the “bow” and just play hunters. Love watching what is happening around. Often you can see how these cats sit somewhere higher and closely monitor the movements of households. They also do not suffer from lack of attention, as like to be left to themselves. Able to understand exactly what they want and do not settle down until you get the desired, but still manage to fall in love with both the host and his guests.

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