Can be infected with rabies cats in Germany?

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Can be infected with rabies cats in Germany? – Allcatsnames

The infection with rabies in cats occurs via the saliva of diseased wild animals – fortunately, the risk of contagion in Germany but currently very low. Remember: Safety first. Dogs and free-roaming cats should therefore be vaccinated as a precaution against the disease.

Can be infected with rabies cats in Germany?
In Germany the risk of infection with rabies is very low.

Rabies can infect humans and animals – the risk of contagion within Europe mainly by foxes and bats in direct contact:

How do animals become infected with rabies

The rabies virus is transmitted through the saliva of infected animals. Foxes, bats, badgers and raccoon but also include, for example, to the wild animals, which dogs and free-roaming cats can encounter not only in rural areas. If they are injured in the fight with a bite or scratch and then gets saliva into the wound, the disease takes its course.

The pathogen spread along the nerve pathways from and judge with time more damage in nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain to be causing severe and fatal ending rabies symptoms due to an exposure. The incubation period depends on where the bite is and is on average a few weeks.

rabies cases in Germany: Fortunately, only very rarely

In Germany the rabies cases are due to vaccine-baits, which were designed for a time, only very rarely. While the number of rabies cases in Germany had already dropped to 13 per 2003, the last in 2006 was reported – an infection in this country is so very unlikely, but should be eliminated with a shot anyway.

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In many other countries, the risk of infection with the disease is unfortunately larger – in some European countries occurred in recent years, for example, rabies cases in dogs and cats by illegally imported. Therefore Please also inquire before you take your pet on holiday there over the existing rabies risk and refresh the vaccination for your pet to the vet regularly on.