Cat breeds – Abyssinian

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Cat breeds – Abyssinian

Cat breeds - Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a member of an ancient breed that originates from Southeast Asia. Their similarity to the Puma makes the small, dainty cat with lively temperament eye-catcher. The Abyssinian is a very elegant cat, with a lean but muscular physique. She has long legs, small paws and a wedge-shaped head with a curved profile. The Abyssinian has large, almond-shaped and expressive eyes, which are usually amber or green. The coat of the Abyssinian is dense, fine and short. It fits tightly and has a nice shine. A typical feature of the Abyssinian breed is the so-called “ticking” of the fur: A “ticking” is double or tri-color banding of the hair called that gives the skin an appearance similar to that of a wild rabbit. The effect produced by this technique drawing color is called agouti effect. A female cat is one with a weight between 2,5 and 4 kg more to the lighter breeds, cat reach an average weight of 3.5 to 5 kg. The shoulder height of the Abyssinian is approximately 40 cm, length 60 cm.

The Abyssinian: Playful and affectionate

The Abyssinian is a very sociable cat that needs a lot of attention. Who pays her little attention, risking that they get lonely or depressed. The intelligent, curious animals should be best kept together with a conspecific. Even with dogs, the Abyssinian is well understood in general. The social cat follows the people happy through the whole apartment and shows an interest in his activities. It is regarded as straightforward and can handle stress. However, it also has a strong urge to move, so it should be always enough space available.

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