Cat breeds – American Curl Longhair

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Cat breeds – American Curl Longhair

Cat breeds - American Curl Longhair

The American Curl Longhair belongs to a young breed from the United States, characterized by its curled ears. Their representatives are considered active, intelligent and sociable family pets. The American Curl Longhair is a medium sized cat with an elongated, elegant physique. It belongs to the very heavy breeds: While a female takes an average of just 5 to 7 kilos, it is in a hangover even proud 7-9 kg. The legs of the American Curl Longhair are of medium length, the paws around. It has a wedge-shaped head and a strong chin, the profile is slightly curved. Characterized by the appearance of Samtpfote are their special Ears: large, round, and have inwardly curved tips. The cat’s eyes are large and walnut shaped and can occur in all colors. The tail is bushy, the coat is silky, medium length and lined with little undercoat, so that it lies flat. All color variations are possible.

The American Curl Longhair: A family cat

The American Curl Longhair has a pleasant temperament and is in many areas a happy medium: it is neither active nor too lazy, neither too cautious nor too briskly. She is wonderful as children cat and integrates most easily in large families. However, a little extra time, you should allow for grooming itself. The American Curl Longhair needs regular care units with the brush, as their fur verklettet else quickly. Especially with Freigängern consequence is announced here. The first American Curl Longhair cat was found incidentally in 1982 in California and inherited their particular ear shape not dominant. Only 50 percent of American Curl Longhair Kitten curl the ears, the other kept normal, straight ears.

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