Cat breeds – American Curl Shorthair

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Cat breeds – American Curl Shorthair

Cat breeds - American Curl Shorthair

The American Curl Shorthair cat is recognizable by its wide apart, slightly to the side folded ears. The young cat species is characterized by balanced, easy to care for animals. The American Curl Shorthair cat is a medium sized cat with a slender build and a long tail. You can choose between 3 kg and 5.5 kg heavy. Her legs are of medium length and strong, so that the overall image of their body appears stocky. The cat has a broad head, a strong chin, and a curved profile. The eyes are large and walnut shaped and come in all colors. Cats with a point-pattern always blue eyes. The short coat of the American Curl Shorthair is silky and has only little undercoat, so that it lies flat on the body. But most striking are the ears of the cat that does not restrict the ability to hear the way in spite of the special form. Prescribe breeding guidelines that the curvature of the ears should have an angle of at least 90 degrees, but not more than 180 degrees. The result are the special ears by a gene mutation.

The American Curl Shorthair: Nice and simple

American Curl Shorthair cats are born with normal, straight ears. In about 50 percent of the kittens, the ears turn in the first three weeks of life to the unusual shape to the side. The other 50 percent retain normal ears. The first cat with bent ears was discovered in 1981 in California and shortly thereafter brought four cubs, two of them with curled ears. The friendly animals are considered low-maintenance and easy family cats. You have a calm temperament, likes to sit on your lap and are very fond of children.

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