Cat breeds – American Wirehair

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Cat breeds – American Wirehair

Cat breeds - American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is a rare American breed with a wiry coat. The bred in New York cat is known for her wavy coat and dress for her self-conscious being. The American Wirehair is distinguished by her curly, coarse hair, apart from other domestic cats. Her coat is dense, elastic and curled up in the whiskers. The medium-sized, muscular cat has strong legs and narrow feet. Her head is round and has a clearly contrasting snout, a medium length nose and a curved profile. The large eyes of the cat are far apart. An American Wirehair may be 3-7 kg.

The American Wirehair: Game cheerful and active

The American Wirehair is considered robust and disease resistant. The clever, curious animal is best kept in a house with garden, because it takes a lot of space to live out his Bewegungsfreudigkeit. If maintained in the apartment, various opportunities for climbing, playing and running around him should be offered. The sociable cat curls is trusting and affectionate, but also stands on its own legs Cats: It is said that the American Wirehair although needs a conspecific, but not quite as much attention as some other domestic cats breed. This is a rare cat that is bred only a few breeders in the USA, Canada, Japan and Germany, a nice and easy-care pet.

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