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Cat breeds – Anatoli Cat

Cat breeds - Anatoli Cat

The Anatolian cat originates from Turkey. Your still relatively unknown breed is characterized by cuddly animals that are not at all afraid of water. The breed is recognized only since 2000. The medium-sized, muscular Anatoli Cat has a strong body with a broad chest and stocky legs. Their paws are round, the tail is bushy and medium in length. It has a broad head with a straight profile and firm chin. The males usually have pronounced jowls. The pointy ears have small hair brush at the ends and are always erect. The cat’s eyes are large, almond-shaped and usually yellow or green. White animals often have two different colored eyes. That the 4 to 6 pound cat fur is short and handy. It has no undercoat and is therefore easy to clean. In breeding all colors except Chocolate, Cinnamon, Lilac and Fawn are recognized. Also point patterns are not allowed.

The Anatoli Cat: A playful water rat

The Anatoli cat belongs to a rare and endangered breed. It should not be confused with the Turkish Van, which looks very similar to her. Your most conspicuous trait is probably her love for water. She is playing and splashing around in it like a few of their fellows. In addition, the Anatoli Cat is an excellent hunter and has a remarkably strong bounce. So they need in the home entertainment plenty of room to romp and play. The Anatoli cat is considered to be friendly and affectionate, but you have to deal with it from an early age much to it enough to get used to dealing with people.

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