Cat breeds – Arabian Mau

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Cat breeds – Arabian Mau

Cat breeds - Arabian Mau

The Arabian Mau is a sweet, quiet family cat with exotic looks and a long-legged, muscular physique. The former representative of a wild breed is officially recognized since 2009. The medium sized Arabian Mau is elegant, but not built to lean. It can be 4-8 kg. Her head is round, the profile slightly curved, the chin strong. The cat’s ears are strikingly large and easily found laterally. The rare cat has a soft fur, the grip and feels strong and is extremely easy to care for. Since the undercoat is missing, the coat fits close to the body and can spotted in the colors black, white, black and white, tabby brown or gray and spotted occur.

The Arabian Mau: A relaxed cat house

The Arabian Mau belongs to a young, little-known breed. Here, their origins centuries back: As a wildcat she lived in the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, which is still noted to their robust health. Against animals that were imported from abroad, they did not sit down long though as house cat through, but is now increasingly bred by some breeders. Since then, she enjoys an increasing popularity, which is also due to its pleasant character: The animals you can tell by their Wildcats Ethnicity anything. You are allowed, balanced and people oriented. Your attitude is wonderfully straightforward, so one gets oneself with the Arabian Mau a real treasure in the family.

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