Cat breeds – Asian Cat

Balinese (Balinese) cat

Cat breeds – Asian Cat

Cat breeds - Asian Cat

The Asian Cat is a particularly lively roommate and need plenty of entertainment. It is regarded as imaginative, but also remarkably elegant animal in tabby fur coat. The Asian Cat has a strong body, but dainty legs and delicate little paws. Her head is wedge-shaped, cheekbones and jaw are strong. The something exotic has a curved profile and large ears that stand apart far. The eyes are large, round shaped and in various colors from yellowish to amber color possible. The shiny fur of the Asian Cat is short and fine. It has only little undercoat and is thus close to the body of the cat. Usually it is drawn slightly lighter than the back and with a dark tabby pattern on the bottom. This she sees the Asian cat like a little tiger.

The Asian Cat: Anything but boring

The Asian Cat is smart, curious and very spirited. Her owner should be able to always come up with new employment opportunities for them. Lots of games is a must, a lot of space to run around also. With preference the cat Scouts from the apartment down to the last corner. Visitors will find it great and after their arrival they must once have been thoroughly inspected. Every day to do the same, so nothing is for them. And also to be alone, for the Asian-cat means pure boredom. Those who can not adequately care for them, or keeping them in solitary confinement, risks that it comes on stupid ideas and making the interior of the accommodation. The Asian Cat is thus an animal for experienced cat owners who can spend a lot of time for the little fidget.

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