Cat breeds – Australian Mist


Cat breeds – Australian Mist

Cat breeds - Australian Mist

The Australian Mist – also called Australian veil cat – is an active, joyful pet and play resembles thanks to their coat color and big ears the wild ocelot . The Australian Mist is a strong, muscular cat with a broad chest, strong legs and a long tail. Your Durschnittsgewicht is 3-6 kg. It has a wide head with rounded contours, strong whisker pads and a strong chin. The cat’s ears are medium sized, slightly tilted forward and have rounded tips. The eyes make a keen impression and can occur in all shades of green. They are far apart, are big and shiny. The Australian veil cat has a short, shimmering fur that particularly closely by the undercoat acts and three color planes includes: The color, the delicate darker drawing and the “Misted mantle” – a ticking pattern that the drawing underneath lets look slightly veiled, Possible colors are Brown, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Gold, Peach and Caramel.

The Australian Mist: Playful and easy to clean

The Australian Mist belongs to a young cat breed whose popularity is growing steadily. It is based on a hybrid of domestic cats with Burmese and Abyssinians. It is regarded as gentle, sociable family pet that is well suited as an indoor cat. The Australian veil cat does not go out that is particularly fond of. So they still get some variety, it would be enough climbing and playing facilities in the house. It has a robust health and grooming done almost exclusively self. Occasional brushing supports small bundle of energy, but in the change of coat.

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