Cat breeds – Balinese

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Cat breeds – Balinese

Cat breeds - Balinese

The Balinese is derived from the Thai Siamese cat, its fur is the same color pattern. However, the bushy tail and long fur give it a characteristic appearance. The oriental Balinese has a lean, muscular physique, long legs and delicate paws. His almond-shaped, slanted eyes stand out with their intense blue color, the ears are unusually large. The cat’s head shape is wedge-shaped and recognizable by a long, straight nose, a flat forehead and a strong chin. The medium-length coat of the Balinese has no undercoat, so the stature of the office Tigers looks dainty and delicate. The color has a point pattern that resembles the Siamese cat. Your tone is so white or cream-colored, while the face, ears, paws and tail are much darker. Cats of this breed are 3-4 kg, male 4-5 kg.

The Balinese: Above average intelligent

The Balinese is considered the wisest representatives of the long-hair cat breeds. As an indoor cat he is wonderful, because he likes quiet and cozy like it. He is a cuddly cat who is happy in the warm, sitting on the lap, or want to sleep in bed. He is considered to be very affectionate, but is never intrusive. The communicative animal expresses his wishes humans to the with his mew. The Balinese would be if he can pull in a household where he is given a lot of time and attention.

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