Cat breeds – Bengal cat

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Cat breeds – Bengal cat

Cat breeds - Bengal cat

The spirited Bengal cat was bred in the USA. That the race from a cross of wild and domestic cat originated, you realize not only their appearance, but also on the character. The Bengal cat is a medium sized cat whose relationship is clearly visible to the wildcat. She has a short, shiny coat with a gold-orange base and a high-contrast, wildcats typical pattern. The muscular cat has large, round paws and a massive head with small ears tilted forward. The large oval eyes can have all colors except blue and aquamarine. A Bengal cat weighs an average of 4 kg, 5 kg, a hangover is a little heavier. Bengalis have a shoulder height of up to 40 cm and a length of about 110 cm.

The Bengal Cat: active and freedom-loving

The Bengal cat shows her energetic character where she can. She climbs and jumps like and need a lot of employment. The hunting is excellent. She is smart and has pleasure to learn tricks. Thanks to her fearless character they understood well with most dogs. The sociable, friendly character adds their communicative style: The Bengal cat has a wide repertoire of sounds with which they can communicate. If you want to keep such a puss, should ensure that ample space is available, because the Bengal cat loves her freedom. Many opportunities to run around and climbing are indispensable for the relatives of the wildcat. Water is also an attractive option for the game Bengal cat. But beware: the robust animals are not suitable for households with small children live through their strong temperament.

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