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Cat breeds – Birman

Cat breeds - Birman

The Birman (also “Birman”) is a semi-long-haired cats. She is sociable, moderately active and recognizable by their soft fur, blue eyes and snow-white paws. The Birman is a part albino. Their fur is bright and has darker badges (points). On the legs, ears, tail and face The white on the feet of the Holy Burma has the shape of an inverted V. The friendly family cat is medium in size and has an average weight of 3 kg in males it is between 4.5 to 6 kg. The Birman is sturdily built and has short, stocky legs. Both in appearance and in character similar to the Birman cat a mixture of Siamese and Persian. From the Persian cat has the balanced and gentle way. The great people relatedness reminiscent of the type of Siamese.

The Birman: gentle and do not like to be alone

The Birman is sociable and therefore should not be taken as a single cat. As a family cat, the Birman is wonderful, because it is sensitive and loving. The Birman breed is one of the natural breeds and is recognized since 1925. Their origins to the brave house cat to have a legend at the temple cats of Burma. Your name often leads to erroneous confusion with the Burmese cat. However, the Burmese cat belongs to a distinct breed.

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