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Cat breeds – Bombay Cat

Cat breeds - Bombay Cat

The uncomplicated Bombay cat looks like a mini-Panther and is held only very rarely in Europe. The beautiful, black pet with short fur is grown in the USA. The rare Bombay Cat only shares its appearance with the black panther – it is seen as peaceful and very affectionate representative of its kind Her short, silky coat is colored black to the hair roots and fits close to the body.. She has bright golden, dark orange or green eyes, which are large and far apart are. The Bombay Cat is built small, but athletic and muscular. Her gait resembles that of a predator. She has a short, round head with a strong jaw and a curved profile. The ears are slightly tilted forward. A Bombay cat weighs an average of 4 kg and a cat 5 kg. Their shoulder height is approximately 38 cm.

The Bombay Cat: pussycat instead of wild Panther

A Bombay Cat is a pleasant roommate. She is very cuddly and affectionate and gets as much as possible from their pats. Because they like is not alone and needs a lot of attention, she feels especially comfortable in a family household. Not only because of their devotion is sometimes referred to as “dog cat”: The smart cat can be after a little practice, even on a leash. With its moderate and balanced temperament may make you feel even keep as indoor cat. The Bombay cat is fearless and is considered very robust. Who brush them regularly, ensures that their coat shines beautifully. Breeding goal of the American breeder Nikki Horner it, with the Bombay cat breed a cat breed that has the appearance of a cat and the charm of a pet was – that they crossed with American Shorthair Burmese cats. Since 1958, the Bombay Cat is officially recognized as a breed.

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