Cat breeds – Brazilian Shorthair

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Cat breeds – Brazilian Shorthair

The Brazilian Shorthair is a beautiful, smart and friendly cat with an elegant appearance. How many old breeds and it comes from the local street cats from. The Brazilian Shorthair is a medium sized cat, with muscular, but slender build. With an average weight 3-5 kg, it is not only delicate but also lighter than the similar American Shorthair. She has long legs and round paws. Her head is small, delicate and wedge-shaped, the profile is curved. Large, wide-set eyes are characteristic of this cat. The ears are large and filled with tufts of fur. The coat of Brazilian Shorthair is silky, short and glossy. It has no undercoat and is therefore close to the body. Except pointed colors all colors are permitted in the breed.

The Brazilian Shorthair: breeding in the review

The Brazilian Shorthair is a gentle and sociable family cat, who loves to watch. But they like to climb places in height. In addition, it is considered sensitive and attentive. The breeding of beautiful animals based on an experiment: As you noted, that all Brazilian street cats had similar characteristics and traits, we randomly picked some animals for breeding out and crossed them with Brazilian domestic cats. This process is often criticized by professional breeders and animal rights activists. In addition, the breed has no longer much in common with their ancestors of the road due to the introgression. Nevertheless, the beautiful Brazilian Shorthair is a popular domestic cat, which has its fans, especially in the United States.

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