Cat breeds – British Longhair

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Cat breeds – British Longhair

Cat breeds - British Longhair

The British Longhair is bred in the UK. The quiet, restrained cat is long-haired version of the popular British Shorthair cat. The British Longhair is a medium sized cat with a stocky, muscular body. She has short, strong legs and large paws, her tail is thick and medium in length. The head of the British Longhair is round and wide, it has a short nose, a strong chin and full cheeks. A beautiful, curved profile is characteristic of the smart house cat. Their large, round eyes have a wide distance from each other and can have different colors. In contrast to the British Shorthair’s coat of British Longhair is of medium length, dense and consists of undercoat and top coat. Ruff and bushy tail are as the fur on the other sites. The colors of the British Longhair include more than 100 different colorations and fur patterns.

The British Longhair: Uncomplicated and robust

The British Longhair is a calm, balanced cat. As a social animal, and friendly she is wonderful as a family cat. Although she enjoys her pats, but is not a typical lap cat. Rather it is seen as a little reticent and reserved. As a robust and adaptable animal can grow the beautiful British Longhair both domestic cat as well as outdoor cats. The breed is also known by the term “Highlander” or in the Netherlands as “Lowlander”.

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