Cat breeds – British Shorthair

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Cat breeds – British Shorthair

Cat breeds - British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a calm, balanced and very nice family cat. Their fur is short, soft and easy to care for. The British Shorthair breed comprises about 50 different color options. The Britsch short hair is medium in size and has a stocky, solid build. It has relatively short legs and thick, round paws. The rounded head of the British Shorthair is identifiable by a curved profile and strong cheeks. She has a short, straight nose and large round eyes. The British cat has a dense, supple skin plumper with undercoat. The color variations of their fur are divided into the categories of full-color, bicolor and Point. Among the most popular colors of the beautiful British Shorthair include Blue, Chocolate, Lilac and Silver.

The British Shorthair: A quiet roommate

The British Shorthair is considered moderately active, but as a very level-headed. Often you have a strong bond with their owner is affectionate and likes her men together. Also to play it can be challenged with joy. It is typical cats independently, but little meow, so the British Shorthair cat is the ideal for a quiet family households. The breeding breed originated in England and was presented there for the first time in 1871. After the Second World War, the targeted breeding of British Shorthair was recorded strengthened. With introgression from the Persian breed appearance and character have been refined.

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