Cat breeds – Burmese cat

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Cat breeds – Burmese cat

Cat breeds - Burmese cat

The Oriental Burmese cat belongs to the short-haired cats and comes from Burma. As a temple cat she enjoys the reputation as a lucky charm. In addition, the Burma a wonderful house cat. The Burmese cat is elegant, but of powerful build. Her legs are slim, small and dainty paws. The beautiful cat with yellow or amber eyes profile is clearly curved. She has pronounced cheekbones and large, angled slightly forward ears. Her short, smooth coat shines and has only little undercoat. The colors of the coat are varied and include beautiful spot colors such as blue, lilac or chocolate. Always the belly fur of Burma is slightly lighter than the back, ears and face are darker. Stripes or patterns do not occur in Burmese cat. An adult Burmese cat is 4-6 kg in weight and up to 100 cm long. The shoulder height is approximately 40 cm.

The Burmese Cat: playful, affectionate and sociable

The Burmese cat is a perfect family cat. She is extremely friendly, intelligent and curious. With the bustle and noise of children they can better deal than the Siamese. She also gets along well with other cats. Who is little home, they should not keep alone, for the Burmese cat is like in society. Caution is recommended in diseases: The house cat is indeed robust and has high life expectancy, but is prone to problems with the inner ear. This can lead to balance problems and at worst to deafness.

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