Cat breeds – Carthusian

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Cat breeds – Carthusian

Cat breeds - Carthusian

The quiet Chartreux (Carthusian) with the blue-gray fur and amber eyes is a French breed cat. In Germany it is known under the name of Carthusians. The Chartreux is a medium sized cat with a powerful and muscular physique. She has a broad, rounded head with full cheeks and a small, narrow snout. The large, round eyes of the Carthusians are far apart and are lively and expressive. The beautiful cat profile is curved. The cozy Carthusian cat has a dense, short and soft coat with a uniform blue color. Patterns or markings are not desirable in the breed. A female Chartreux cat weighs around 4 to 5 kg, the much larger male 6-7 kg.

The Carthusians: Intelligent and playful

The Carthusians has its own head and lays like a typical cat behavior on the day. She’s smart, cuddly and like it when you teach her tricks. The robust cat with thick, warm coat can be well kept as outdoor cats. It adapts quickly to new environments and like to follow their owners everywhere. Her voice is quiet and pleasant. Relive the affectionate Carthusian cat rarely temperamental, so they wonderful as family or indoor cat is in quiet households.

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