Cat breeds – Ceylon cat

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Cat breeds – Ceylon cat

The Ceylon cat comes from Sri Lanka and belongs to a rare breed short hair. The breed originated in a natural way and was introduced in 1964 for the first time to Europe. The Ceylon cat is a small, graceful cat with a slender but muscular body. Their hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs, the paws are small. The Ceylon cat is Full Grown difficult 5-10 kg. Her head has a rounded shape, the ears are large and are close together. The eyes are either yellow or green, round and almond shaped. At the end the little cat has an M-shaped pattern. Their coat is silky, fine-lined and with little undercoat. It is usually gold or sand colors and provided with a tabby pattern.

The Ceylon cat: Lively and adaptable

The active Ceylon cat gets its name from the island of Sri Lanka, which was once called Ceylon. Their exact origins are unclear. Because besides domestic cats but also two small cat species on Sri Lanka live (the pipe and the Rusty-spotted cat) is a wild cat strikes not ruled out in the race. Perhaps the Ceylon cat has therefore also their lively nature. The sociable cat is nimble, always interested in their environment and very adaptable. Even strangers she is most brave and face. She enjoys her free passage, but can also be kept as an indoor cat, if she has a lot of room to play and possibly a balcony.

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