Cat breeds – Colorpoint

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Cat breeds – Colorpoint

Cat breeds - Colorpoint

As a Colorpoint cats are called, have a specific color drawing: face, ears, legs and tail are darker colored than the rest of the coat – just like the Siamese . As Colorpoint originally applied only Persians, who had the colors of a Siamese cat. These cats are also known under the name of Persian or Himalayan mask and have a bright color, which is darkened in places. The medium sized cats have a round head with a broad forehead, bright blue eyes, small ears and a short, broad nose. Your body is bulky and stocky, bushy tail. Possible color variations of the Colorpoint are cream Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point and Redpoint.

Colour Point: A popular fashion color

While at first was only known to the colorful Persian cat drawn as Colorpoint, today the Birman, the Ragdoll, the British Shorthair and the Siamese of course be included. To create the beautiful color variation, Siamese cats were once crossed into the Persian breed. The first Colorpoint Persian Cat was born in 1935 in America. First attempts, cats with the Colorpoint breed color, but there were already in the 1920s in Sweden and the USA. With the targeted breed is then started in the 40s in the UK. In addition to its color, the beautiful Stubentiger even another special feature: Bald patches, resulting for example from an injury, grow dark with them after. Only after the next moult the coat becomes as bright as before.

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