Cat breeds – Cornish Rex

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Cat breeds – Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a British “Curl cat” with a slim build and a friendly, adventurous nature. It is genetically related to the German Rex. The petite Cornish Rex is medium in size and has an elegant body with long, lean legs and delicate paws. On its wedge-shaped head with oblong, straight profile sit-sized ears. Your cheekbones are high, slanted eyes and almond-shaped. The love, active Stubentiger typically has a velvety, short and curly coat, which is only half as dense by the lack of top coat like the other cats. It may have all sorts of colors and patterns. Also whiskers and eyebrows of the Cornish Rex are lured. Average brings a cat of this breed 4.5 kg on the scale and has a shoulder height of 40 cm.

The Cornish Rex: A bundle of energy

The Cornish Rex is a vibrant and active cat. She is curious about their environment, like jumps and takes a lot of movement. She has a wide range of sounds with which she communicates, and has little problems with a turbulent environment. Besides their reputation as a small Flegel they say after her, that she is very straightforward. However, one should make sure that not too long to let Cornish Rex alone, because it is like in society. With an animal counterparts (even with dogs she gets along well), the friendly family cat feels particularly comfortable. She loves the heat and tends to slightly overweight, so you should not feed them. That the Cornish Rex is not only something visually different than other cats, it also shows an unusual characteristic: Like a dog wags her tail when she is happy.

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