Cat breeds – Cymric Cat

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Cat breeds – Cymric Cat

Cat breeds - Cymric Cat

The Cymric heard a quiet, long-haired cat breed from the US. She is a relative of the Irish Manx cat and usually has no, or only a shortened tail. The powerful Cymric Cat hides under her fur a muscular physique. Your overall appearance is round and massive, the hind legs are longer than the front legs. The tail of the Cymric missing as in the Manx cat entirely, or is shorter than normal domestic cats. Apart from this distinctive feature, it is also evident in her walk, reminiscent of the hobbling of a rabbit. The longhaired Cymric Cat has beautiful big eyes and a roundish head with a medium length nose. Their fur is thick and lined with plenty of undercoat. All color variations and patterns are allowed.

The Cymric Cat: A breed with risk

The Cymric is a playful and clever and fun-loving animal that gets along well with humans and other animals and wonderfully integrated into the family. The cat learns quickly, is considered gentle and loves to play with water. It was grown from the Manx cat, who was born tailless because of a gene defect. Since the 1970s, enjoys the long-haired version of the breed growing in popularity. However, the Manx tailless gene for the inheritance is fraught with dangers: The 25 percent homozygous tailless animals die before her birth from the womb. In surviving the Manx Kitten Syndrome can occur is shown by the severe problems with the vertebrae. The disease is not curable and is visible in young Cymric Cats in the first six months.

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