Cat breeds – Egyptian Mau

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Cat breeds – Egyptian Mau

Cat breeds - Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is a graceful, elegant cat with a spotted coat patterned. It is considered the fastest among the facilities tigers and cats is similar to the historical murals in Egypt. The Egyptian Mau has large, almond-shaped eyes, which usually have a nice green color. On a head with rounded wedge shape sit medium sized ears. The Oriental Cat is noble, long-legged and slender and has a fine, silky glossy coat that fits tightly to the body. Characteristic of the Egyptian Mau is their M-shaped drawing the face, ranging from one eye to the other. Among the recognized breed in the Cat coat genetics include Black-Silver Tabby Spotted, Black-Spotted Tabby and black smoke. The fur of the Egyptian Mau is covered with polka dots all over the body, legs and tail are striped. The graceful cats have grown an average weight of 2.5 to 4.5 kg.

The Egyptian Mau: Quick, playful and energetic

The nimble domestic cat can reach a top speed of 50 km / h. So they can let off steam on your mood, you should be offered plenty of exercise. It would be best to keep them as free-roaming, a large garden or opportunity. Those who live on a major street, the Egyptian Mau can also run on a leash: The intelligent and affectionate animal is one of the few cats that like to get involved. The beautiful breed cat is affectionate and eager to learn. Teach her a few tricks, is worth a try. Since 1956, Egyptian Mau are grown in the USA. The first pair was imported from Egypt. Also in the UK devoted to in the 1980s, the breed: However, the cats were there called Egyptian Mau were nothing but spotted Siamese cats. This breed is called today “, spotted Oriental Shorthair” as.

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