Cat breeds – Exotic Shorthair cat

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Cat breeds – Exotic Shorthair cat

Cat breeds - Exotic Shorthair cat

The Exotic Shorthair cat (Exotic Shorthair) is one of a cozy house cat breed that originated in the US. It originates from a cross between Persian and shorthair cat and looks it. The Exotic Shorthair is a very compact cat with short, strong legs and large paws. Her body is solid and muscular, his head around. The eyes of the exotic shorthair cat are round and expressive and are far apart. Small ears and a short, broad nose typical of the domestic cat. Overall, the Exotic Shorthair looks like a Persian with less fur. She has a short, dense coat with a soft texture. The coat colors ranging from black to red, white and purple to tortoiseshell and various surveys have. An adult Exotic Shorthair weighs 3-4 kg, with a shoulder height of 22 cm on average relatively small. It is about 70 cm long.

The Exotic Shorthair Cat: A balanced exchange Cat

Just like Garfield, the most famous representatives of this breed, it loves the exotic shorthair cat comfortable. She is very calm and cuddly. A cozy place on the window sill corresponds entirely to their ideas. She is very active and can be kept very well in the apartment. She has her own mind and decide our own, what she wants and what she will not. To keep the Exotic Shorthair healthy and humanely, should pay attention to proper nutrition. It tends namely to become too thick.

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