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Cat breeds – Foreign-White-cat

Cat breeds - Foreign-White-cat

The Foreign-White Cat is a graceful, oriental cat with bright blue eyes and a white fur dress. Your breed originated from a cross between Siamese and white domestic cat. The Foreign-White is an elegant, slender cat with a muscular physique. She is long-legged, has oval paws and a long tail. On its wedge-shaped head sit large, upright ears. The intense blue, slanting eyes are almond shaped and the Oriental are far apart. Unlike the Siamese, the short, soft fur of the Foreign White has no dark Pointierungen. It is pure white, evenly colored and is due to the lack of undercoat tightly to her body. The cat of delicate weight is on average 3 to 4 kg, with a cat between 4-5 kg.

The Foreign-White Cat: An exotic family cat

The Foreign-White resembles the Siamese in character: it is agile, to have active and always up for a little game with their peers. Not like to be alone social Shorthair cat and should not therefore be taken as a single cat. She is smart, people oriented and is regarded as the most communicative among the cats. Your loud voice they do in various situations to use skillfully. About the exact breed name of the Foreign White, the various breed associations are not unanimous, although the white beauty is grown since the 1960s: once it is passed as a separate breed, sometimes as Siamese, sometimes as Oriental Shorthair. & Nbsp;

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