Cat breeds – German Angora

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Cat breeds – German Angora

The German Angora is one of a new breed of cat that is bred only since the turn of the millennium. The Semi-Longhair cat is a simple, quiet indoor cat of powerful build. The compact, medium-sized German Angora can be admired in many different colors and patterns. Your ideal of beauty is a happy medium: neither too slim and classy, ​​yet strong and solid. So the cat with the rectangular body is characterized by its natural appearance. The German Angora has large, round paws and beautiful, expressive eyes in vivid colors such as yellow, green, orange or blue. The eye color should be as harmonious as possible in accordance with its single – or multi-colored fur. A cat of this breed weighs an average of 3-4 kg a hangover 3-5 kg.

The German Angora: Simply straightforward

The German Angora is a cat from a calm temperament and has a nice, serene nature. The people she is fond together and considered as fond of children and compatible with dogs. Playing is fun for her and she would be if she is not taken as a single cat. Even if she was bred as an indoor cat with moderate urge to move, she has nothing against a bit of room to romp and some fresh air in the garden or on the balcony. Her long coat should be groomed with a brush, so it will not matted or knotted. Is best, you get used to the cat even as a kitten gently grooming.

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