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Cat breeds – German Longhair Cat

Cat breeds - German Longhair Cat

The German Longhaired Pointer (German Longhair Cat) is a quiet, cozy cat, which was bred until shortly after the Second World War. Today they are working on a reconstruction of the breed standards. The German Longhaired Pointer has a similar physique as the European domestic cat. It is built strong and solid, acts but less compact than the Persian cat. Her straight nose distinguishes the German Longhair Cat significantly from the Persians. Their legs are short and stocky, the head is broad. The large luminous eyes can occur in all colors. The cat’s forehead is slightly slanted and straight ears are far apart. The German long-haired cat has a long, soft fur, which is denser in winter than in summer. All colors are possible. She has a hairy neck brace and a bushy, well-carried tail. Cats weighing 3-4 kg cat 4-5 kg.

The German Longhaired Pointer: New breeding experiments

Until 1929, all long-haired cats fall under the concept Angora cats, even if they belonged to different cat breeds. The German Longhaired Pointer was made in the 1930s, an attempt Persian cats and other longhairs conceptually distinguish from each other. As German Longhaired Pointer is referred to those long-haired cats, whose fur had been developed by crossing into long-haired cats that were imported from Turkey. The breeding of the German Longhair could not be maintained throughout the Second World War. Since 2005 she is but, inspired by the then breed standard, again actively cultivated. In 2012 the breed was recognized internationally.

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