Cat breeds – German Rex

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Cat breeds – German Rex

Cat breeds - German Rex

The playful German Rex was bred in Germany. With her wavy, curly fur the cuddly Rex Cat is quickly recognizable as such. It is considered very easy to care for. The German Rex has the slender frame of a house cat and a very velvety, soft fur. Their whiskers are slightly shorter than that of other cats. She has round, medium-sized eyes and delicate legs with small paws. The fluffy, easy-care coat of the German Rex can have a variety of colors, patterns also come before. The curls in the coat shape at the young cat yet and are only at the age of 2 years fully developed. A cat will usually weigh 3-4 kg a tomcat 4 to 5 kg.

The German Rex: Robust and lovable

The German Rex is not over-bred, so she brings a robust health and a long life expectancy. The friendly, playful cat can be up to 20 years old. She sheds little and has a very pleasant character. Its essence is curious, spirited and very cuddly. The German Rex loves to be close to the people and is also a wonderful children’s cat. With dogs they normally understood also. Your desire for companionship however, be sure to take it seriously: The German Rex not only needs a lot of affection, but also a conspecific. A cat that is kept as a single animal, one goes, even if the owner is at home all day.

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