Cat breeds – Havana Brown

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Cat breeds – Havana Brown

Cat breeds - Havana Brown

The Havana Brown is a Oriental Shorthair with a particular color: Her fur is chocolate brown, her eyes are green and bright. The beautiful cat is considered to be intelligent, lively and headstrong. The Havana Brown is an elegant cat with a strong, muscular physique. Their movements are smooth and graceful. Characteristic of their race is the beautiful, shimmering fur of the cat. The soft fur with mahogany gloss lies close to the body, is dyed deep and shows no patterns on. The beautiful cat head is wedge-shaped with a long nose and big ears turned forward. The chin is firm, his eyes are alert. The delicate cats have an average weight of 2.7 kg, male, weighing about 3.5 kg.

The Havana Brown: Not for beginners

A Havana Brown is smart, confident and stubborn. She needs a lot of attention and loves the varied employment. In the events of their environment participates agile and is the best place for experienced cat owners. The beautiful cat with the soft voice is not Freigängerin. In the apartment there would be the heat loving cat a cozy space heating and variety of games. It is not like to be alone and is actively seeking to be close to their owners. The chocolate brown cat is grown increasingly in the UK since the 1950s. Animals with similar racial characteristics, however, were issued in the 19th century.

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