Cat breeds – Javanese cat

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Cat breeds – Javanese cat

Cat breeds - Javanese cat

The Javanese cat (also: Mandarin) belongs to the Oriental cat breeds. It has a semi-long, silky coat and moves with the same elegance as their close relatives, the Siamese cats. The Javanese cat is a beautiful oriental woman with long, slender legs and fine, oval paws. Full grown weighs the petite cat 4.5 to 6 kg. Her head is wedge-shaped and small, the nose long and straight. Large, triangular ears and almond-shaped eyes are characteristic of the Javanese. The eyes are usually green, but can also be blue, which occurs especially in white animals. White cat with two different colored eyes are also possible. The coat of the graceful Javanese fits tightly to her body and has almost no undercoat. It can take a variety of beautiful colors, for example, Chocolate, Lilac, Silver or Cinnamon. But unlike the coat of the Siamese it has no point-pattern.

The Javanese cat: Sociable and like being the focus

The Javanese cat has a bright and extroverted nature. She is smart and has a remarkably loud voice that they liked and often used to express their wishes. Since it takes a lot of attention, should they be in any case alone all day. Also the social cat feels most comfortable with a conspecific. It is easy to clean, sturdy and has a long life expectancy of up to 20 years. Their breed was created by the way, tried as a breeder to breed a Siamese cat with long fur. Also went from this breeding produced the Balinese, a long-haired cat whose coat pattern has the typical point pattern of the Siamese.

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