Cat breeds – Kanaani

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Cat breeds – Kanaani

The Kanaani cat belongs to a relatively new breed of Israel. The elegant cat ancestors sprang from a hybrid cross between a domestic cat and wild cat wild. The noble, rare Kanaani is built lean and muscular. The large animal has long, strong legs and is unmistakably related to a wild cat. The cat’s head is triangular in shape with a sloping forehead and a straight nose. The chin is firm and large, pointed ears are wide apart. The eyes of the Kanaani are bright green, large and almond-shaped. She has short, strong and thick coat without undercoat with a brownish color and a ticking-drawing. Darker patches in the coat are characteristic of this breed. The tail has a black tip and is provided with at least three black rings. The legs of the cat are spotted or striped, the balls are black. Adult females weigh on average 3-4 kg cat up to 5 kg.

The Kanaani: A cuddly Tomboy

The breed of the rare Kanaani is an officially recognized breed since 2000. The smart, independent cat is considered to be affectionate, friendly and playful animal. From their wild ancestors, however, has inherited her active movement and joyful nature: She is athletic, jumps and climbs like. A large cat tree is so welcome at the Kanaani. They also need a lot of room to romp and play. When purchasing, one should remember that the whirlwind for families with small children, although good-natured, but too impetuous. Otherwise, it is a fairly straightforward roommate and easy thanks to its short coat.

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